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A brief story about Brazil-Indonesia Friendship Assosiation


Mr. Anand Krishna was invited to attend Earth Dialogues in Brazil (November 26-28, 2008). Earth Dialogues is a forum which was formed by Mikhail Gorbachev (Ex President of Soviet Union). Presenting many representatives from all over the world. This forum has 3 main purposes; to anticipate disaster, end poverty and maintenance development in order to support humanity.

Mr. Anand Krishna brought a presentation about water. The title was "From Bali to Belo Horizontale, Wisdom of the Ancients". This section was moderated by the Ex President of Portugal, Mario Soarez.

Mr. Anand Krishna said that people are facing water problem now because of human greedy by making water as commodity. The audiences gave remarkable responses. Therefore, Mr. Anand Krishna's idea was being used as the resolution in this forum. We must be proud because Mr. Anand Krishna was the only representative from Indonesia.

Then, Brazil-Indonesian Friendship Association was formed and got fantastic responses from many friends there. From only 7 signatures which were expected, 27signatures addition was received at the last minute.  Brazil -Indonesia Friendship Association will be in form of a website. It will become an instrument to reciprocate cultural information between Brazil and Indonesia.

The atmosphere was getting more alive when Mr. Anand Krishna said, "Greetings from 220 people of Indonesia to Brazil" in Portuguese language :)


1. Mr Alberto Andrich, Director, Nas Asas Do Brasil (Advertising/Event Organizing/Media Production)

2. Mr. Max Fercondini, Artist

3. Mr. Augusto César Soares dos Santos, Co-ordinator, RURALMINAS, State Government of Minas

4. Ms. Arleime Fogaca, Psychologist, Ecologia Emocional

5. Ms. Anna Luiza Junoueira, Tourism Industry

6. Mr, Muricio Soares Brum, Senior Executive, Yarcon/Cotepe/Firestone/Mitsubishi Electric Brazil

7. Mr. Joao Antonio Penna, University Student

8. Mr. Bravlio Guiherme, Ecologist

9. Mr. Maria De Lovedes, Ecologist

10. Mr. Daniel Couto Zaidan, Publicity/Advertising

11. Ms. Cristiane Vieira, Journalist

12. Mr. Milton Noguiera, Engineer attached to the Environment department, State of Minas

13. Ms. Clarice Grecoalves, Media

14. Ms. Emilia Ester Guimanoes, Student

15. Mr. Gabriel Sousa de Padua, Student

16. Mr. Leonardo Regoude Duarte, Student

17. Mr. Andre P. Magalhaes, Tourism Industry

18. Mr. Zilda Heep, Businessperson

19. Ms. Maya Safira Muchtar, Founder Islamic Movement for Non-Violence (representing Indonesia)

20. Ms. Liny Tjeris, Commisioner, L’Ayurveda, Jakarta & Bali (representing Indonesia)

21. Mr. Anand Krishna, Founder, Anand Ashram Foundation (representing Indonesia)

22. Ms. Mailda Crey Lina da Siva, University Professor

23. Ms. Zoas Emdio Lima, Engineer

24. Ms. Natalia Ulhoa, Environmentalist

25. Mr. Makota Djangauga Liamazio, Educationist

26. Ms. Stella Kleinrath, Attached to the Environment Department, State of Minas

27. Ms.Cristina Maria Leopaldino, Coconut Vendor